ICPHSO in Brussels

One day to go until the ICPHSO 2016 International Symposium!  Very excited to be in Brussels and ready to meet the more than 230 people from 34 different countries attending the Symposium as well as other events being held during International Product Safety Week (IPSW) with the European Commission.  Thanks to the European Commission and its staff for giving us the opportunity to again join with them and hold our Symposium during IPSW.  This is clearly the place for all safety and health professionals to be to discuss and learn about the latest developments in product safety.   Looking forward to hearing the latest on The Internet of Things; How Human Factors Affects the Safety Journey; Keynote presentations from CPSC Chairman, Elliot Kaye, European Commission Commissioner Věra Jourová and European Parliament Member Christel Schaldemose. Also on the agenda are information on the Building Blocks Needed for an Effective Compliance program, discussion of Standards Alignment, and Updates from Global Regulators, Current Risks and Lessons Learned About Product Safety and a panel with and about Millennials to hear about the future of product safety.  These and other panels should provide all Symposium attendees with an interesting and informative two days of product safety content leading up to the rest of the weeks activities involving product safety content from the EC. 

Even while we are in Brussels, planning is well underway for the upcoming 2017 ICPHSO Annual Meeting and Training Symposium, in Orlando, Florida.  We received over 60 proposals and subcommittee volunteers are meeting now to review, discuss and select the proposals that will fill nearly four full days of the symposium.  We are also planning a CPSC morning as well as an afternoon focused on international activities.  Remember, ICPHSO members receive a significant discount on registration rates for the Symposium so now may be a good time to look at our membership page on the ICPHSO website.  Registration and sponsorship opportunities will be posted on line soon.  You should make your hotel reservations now since we know from past conferences in both DC and Orlando, rooms tend to go fast.  Don’t be left behind!  More from Brussels as the week goes on. 


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