ICPHSO in Brussels – Day 2

Day two of the 2016 ICPHSO International Symposium provided attendees practical steps to enhance the safety of consumer products.  The overall theme on the need to build safety into the product during the design stage continued.  Of course we were also reminded that safety review and evaluation doesn’t end with the design but should be carried out throughout  the life of the product.  Based upon the presentation from European Parliament Member, Christel Schaldemose, it’s clear that the safety of consumer products continues to be a global issue being addressed in a variety of ways by individual countries.  We heard about safety concerns involving drones and lithium-ion batteries, harmonization of product safety standards around the world and the need to address risk in new and emerging products. The final panel was an update from global regulators on pressing issues affecting their jurisdictions.  Looking forward to the rest of International Product Safety Week where the focus will be on the safety of products sold online as well as how to raise attention to product safety alerts and recalls issued globally.  ICPHSO members can access all presentation slides here.



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