ICPHSO 2017 North America Regional Product Safety Training Workshop – Call For Presentations – Proposals Now Being Accepted

2017 ICPHSO Call for Presentations

International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO)
2017 Toronto Regional Product Safety Training Workshop
“To Compliance and Beyond: Cooperation for Safety”
“Vers la conformité et au-delà: coopération pour la sécurité”
June 28, 2017
Airport Marriott Hotel
Toronto, Canada

ICPHSO is now accepting proposals for presentations at its 2017 Toronto Regional Product Safety Training Workshop. Presentations must be non-commercial in nature and pertain to topics of interest to the global consumer product safety community. The proposals can be for general plenary sessions, workshops, tutorials, roundtables, panels, or keynote.

Suggestions for Presentation Proposals

• Workshop proposals should address key current issues and pertain to the overall theme of Evaluating and Managing Risks in Product Safety. Proposed topics that are novel or explore prior topics in new ways are preferable (see list of topics below). Proposals based on unique issues (e.g., single product hazards) should make an effort to advise how findings apply to other products to appeal to attendees who are not involved with that specific product.

• Tutorial proposals should specify the topics to be covered and the expertise of the instructor(s).

• Panels should draw on the widest possible pool of subject matter experts. Where possible, panels are advised to include: (a) representation from different stakeholder groups; (b) speakers with geographical diversity; and (c) speakers with a fresh perspective. There shouldn’t be more than one panelist from any one organization or business including the moderator.

• Panels must build audience participation into their format & time allowances. Session formats that engage the audience, encourage their participation, and encourage interaction between panelists are preferred by the audience and will be given strongest consideration.

• A maximum of three presenters is strongly advised; exceptions will be made for regulatory or other panels requiring input from more than three stakeholders. Panels must include varying points of view from multiple stakeholder groups and panelists that are geographically diverse including regulatory bodies and consumer advocacy groups.

• Speakers and moderators may normally only participate in one session during the conference. (Exceptions are made for underrepresented stakeholder groups; e.g., consumers, government, NGOs, researchers). If you are invited to speak on more than one accepted panel, you must call this to the attention of the moderators for both sessions. The moderators will decide on which panel you will speak.

The theme of the one-day program is ” To Compliance and Beyond: Cooperation for Safety.” We are specifically seeking proposals and suggestions to address topics based on this general theme:
• Retailer Executive panel – Cooperation for Safety
• Manufacturers and retailers’ perspective, especially including small and medium-sized manufacturers and how they can incorporate scalable product safety policy and process into their procedures
• Legal – Comparative review of consumer product reporting requirements Health Canada, CPSC
• New and emerging safety issues that stem from the development and commercialization of new technologies, from the convergence and integration of technologies, and from products and technologies that are integrated into networks or products or larger systems, among others.
• Tutorials – The Canada Consumer Product Safety Act 101 for beginners and intermediate practitioners

Proposal Selection Process

An initial round of weighting presentations will be performed by the Toronto Regional Product Safety Training Workshop Planning Committee and the ICPHSO Board of Directors. Final selections will be made by the Executive Committee of the ICPHSO Board. Please note that submission of a proposal is not a guarantee of being on a panel or serving as a moderator; proposals that are similar in theme and content may result in a decision to combine proposals to optimize value to the ICPHSO community. Moderator and presenter suggestions are strongly considered, but moderators and presenters will be chosen at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Proposals taking into consideration the guidelines listed above should be submitted on the proposal form at the end of this message to mschoem@icphso.org.


Deadline for Submissions – March 24, 2017

Selection and Communication to Submitters – mid April

Final Selection and Communication to Submitters – April 28, 2017

Identification and Selection of Panel Moderators and Participants by May 12, 2017

Further Questions?

Eli Szamosi, Regional Meeting Program Chairman – eli@icphso.org

Marc Schoem, Executive Director – mschoem@icphso.org

Continue to next page for proposal submission form.


ICPHSO Call for Presentations Submission Form

Please complete the form below and submit via email to mschoem@icphso.org on or before March 24, 2017.

Subject: _ _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Title: __ ____________________________________________________________________________

Description: __________________________________________________________________________________










Type: Panel discussion Interactive Workshop Roundtable Tutorial Keynote

Learning Objectives / Relevance to ICPHSO members: ____________________________________________________________________________




Suggested presenters and moderator (please provide names and affiliations):

_________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________



Submitted by:

Name ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Title: _________________________________________________________________________________
Organization: _______________________________________________________________________________
Mailing address: ___________________________________________________________________________
City: _____________ State / province: ___________Postal code: ________Country: _____________
Telephone number (please include country code): __________________________________________________________
Email address: _ _____________________________________________________________________

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