Countdown to Tokyo and Beyond…


As the Executive Director of ICPHSO, the countdown clock on our website is what seems to drive my days. As of today, we have 97 days to go to our first ever 2017 International Symposium in Tokyo, Japan. Board Member and Symposium Planning Chair Rod Freeman and his committee is working on finalizing the program for our two-day international symposium. We received many substantive and on theme proposals (“It Started with an Idea: Safety in the Product Life Cycle”) and they are being reviewed, sometimes combined, and finalized to present a comprehensive and broad product safety training symposium related to the Symposium’s theme. Our members and supporters continue to amaze me through the time you take to support our Symposia and training workshops with ideas, suggestions, proposals and assisting with each of our three conferences every year.

ICPHSO 2017 Toyko International Symposium_TwitterProfile
As we take steps to finalize the Tokyo program, we are also counting down to the kick-off of ICPHSO’s 2018 Silver Jubilee Anniversary Year. “Only 195 days until Orlando!” While it may seem like a long time, in ICPHSO years, it’s way too short of a time as we move forward to prepare for the Annual Symposium. President Elect and 2018 Program Planning Chair Belinda May and her Committee is beginning the process of reviewing the 71 proposals that were submitted related to the Annual Symposium’s theme: “Accelerated Change in the Exponential Age: Learning from History to Make Safer Products in the Future.” We appreciate all who submitted proposals and during the rest of August and early September we will be busy as we try to narrow down the proposals to fit into the time we have available in Orlando.                           ICPHSO25thAnniversaryFinal.pngWe also recently announced ICPHSO Board Member vacancies with an announcement seeking qualified candidates to sit on our Board. Thanks to Past President and Executive Committee Member, Nancy Cowles for leading our effort to identify future board members. The ICPHSO Board determines basic policies, sets goals and objectives, elects officers, and approves the ICPHSO budget for the coming year. Under the leadership of Rick Brenner, our current President and 2017 Symposium Planning Chair, we have at least four scheduled board meetings a year to ensure ICPHSO is performing as intended. Unlike some other Boards, ICPHSO’s board and executive committee members are all volunteers and all have displayed a passion and commitment to fostering a product safety environment that brings together a diverse group of stakeholders to exchange ideas, share information, and address safety and health concerns affecting all of us.                                                        boarddirectorsAs you can see, ICPHSO remains busy working to provide the product safety community with the latest information, education, and training to address emerging safety concerns and to assist stakeholders with existing global requirements. We look forward to seeing you in Tokyo in November and in Orlando in February 2018. Future blogs will update you on our other plans for 2018.  For us, the countdown is never over!


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