Looking For a Few Good Board Members…


At the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO) we rely upon our members to volunteer and take an active role in planning and implementing our three annual conferences among many other tasks that need to be done to run a membership organization. Board members take a leadership role within ICPHSO and help set the policy and direction of the organization.

We are currently soliciting nomination applications for new Board members to be seated at our board meeting at the Annual Symposium in February 2018. Generally, as individual members become more active within the organization, they become great candidates for a board position. Board Member candidates ideally have the following traits:

• Links with one or more of ICPHSO’s stakeholder communities;
• Team player and ability to work in a multi-stakeholder environment;
• Knowledge and understanding of product safety issues and trends;
• Dedication and responsibility; and
• Ability to commit the time and resources to serve on the Board, committees, and attend ICPHSO events;

During my nearly 25-year interaction with ICPHSO, I’ve worked with some of the most dedicated and committed members of the product safety community. ICPHSO strives to represent all stakeholders and because of that we especially are seeking qualified nominees from the retail and consumer advocacy communities to ensure a balanced and representative Board.

How do you get involved with ICPHSO if you are a new member? Many board members start out volunteering through one of our committees. For instance, to keep the registration costs down for our conferences, we rely upon sponsorship and exhibitor fees. Our Sponsorship Committee leads the solicitation of these contributions from our many stakeholders. Working on a planning committee is another example where members can show the type of leadership that typify an ICPHSO Board member. We rely upon individuals to step up and take a leadership role in support of ICPHSO. As Nancy Cowles (Past President and current Chair of our Nominating Committee has said, “ICPHSO does so much to further knowledge, collaboration, and progress in product safety, how can you not be a part of this great organization?”

I encourage all who are interested in becoming a board member to apply. We get many applicants for a limited number of positions and it’s often hard to select from many different qualified applicants. If you haven’t been actively involved, it’s never too late to get started. Talk to anyone on our Executive Committee or me about ways in which you can start assisting us today!



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