Thank You International Symposium Sponsors/Exhibitors!

Thanks to the following sponsors and exhibitors at ICPHSO’s upcoming International Symposium in Tokyo, Japan November 14-15, 2017.  ICPHSO appreciates their continued support and encourages you to check out the services they provide.

Samsung *  Panasonic *  STC *  Asiainspection (AI) *  Cooley UK LLP *   ADK Information Services LLP/St. Louis University *  Product Safety Letter (PSL) *  The Toy Association *  Dentons US LLP *   Insight Quality Services * Hogan Lovells International LLP * Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu *

For information on attending the 2017 International Symposium please visit ICPHSO’s Event Page for details on registration, hotel availability and the program agenda.  To be included in the printed on-site attendee list, please register before October 13, 2017.  Registration remains open until the event.  Hotel rooms are limited and must be booked on or before October 29, 2017 to receive the discounted ICPHSO room rate.  Any additional questions, please let me know by sending me an email at:




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