ICPHSO 2019 Annual Symposium Registration Now Open!

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2019 Annual Meeting and Training Symposium:

Registration for the ICPHSO 2019 Annual Meeting and Training Symposium, February 25-28, 2019 at the Renaissance Washington DC Downtown Hotel (same site as our 2016 Annual Symposium) is now open and on-line.  In addition, we have posted information on hotel rooms, sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities (limited) and the agenda for the Symposium.  Please take advantage of the early bird registration rates by registering today at :  REGISTER.  

Remember, ICPHSO members also receive a discount on registration so if you aren’t a member and want information, check out our membership page for further information.

Matt Howsare and the 2019 Symposium Planning Committee have put together a compelling week of training that you won’t want to miss.

Board of Director Update:

I want to also let you know we received a record number of applications to serve on the ICPHSO Board of Directors and thank all of you who applied.  I will be working with our President, Belinda May and Nominating Committee Chairman, Rick Brenner and the rest of the ICPHSO Executive Committee in reviewing each application and coming up with recommended applicants to seat on our Board in February 2019.  I’d like to remind everyone that the qualifications for each of the applicants is quite impressive and because of the number of applicants and the expertise each applicant brings to the Board, often times it takes several attempts to get on the Board.  So please don’t be discouraged if you aren’t selected, but continue to volunteer and make your presence known and apply again in the future.

2018 International Symposium Update:

Thanks to the record number of attendees at our International Symposium in Brussels. More than 40 countries were represented by the nearly 300 attendees.  Thanks to all attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors for your continued support of ICPHSO.  If you attended and haven’t yet completed your evaluation of the Symposium, please do so. All registered attendees received the link to provide an evaluation.  We are close to completing the final attendee list as well as making available the presentations from the Symposium.  Links and information will be sent to registered attendees in the near future.

2019 Regional Workshop:

We are close to finalizing our plans for our 2019 Regional Training Workshop during June 2019. Check our website for updated information in the future concerning the location and actual date of the Workshop.

Please remember to check our website frequently for updated Symposium information.  If you need further information from ICPHSO please feel free to use the following phone number and mailboxes to reach us:

Main Phone: (703) 822.7976
Membership Inquiries: membership@icphso.org
Meeting Inquiries: meetings@icphso.org
Sponsorship/Exhibit Opportunities: sponsor-exhibitor@icphso.org
Scholarship Inquiries: scholarship@icphso.org
Additional questions or comments: info@icphso.org

Or feel free to contact me at marc.schoem@icphso.org.  Have a great week!






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