2019 ICPHSO Annual Symposium Highlights…


We are excited about the addition of our Tuesday luncheon presentation by NBC4 News (Washington, D.C.) Consumer Reporter, Susan Hogan.  Susan has over 25 years of consumer reporting experience and she is encouraging a “dialogue” with attendees which should be of interest to all present.  Prepare your questions in advance!   Our new meeting app will be providing live polling opportunities as well as the ability to send questions to the speakers during each session.  Agenda, speaker, sponsor and exhibitor information is also provided.  Thanks to Cooley, LLP for sponsoring the use of this new meeting app during our Symposium.

We also previously announced a number of events taking place during ICPHSO, including our job matching program, an escape room adventure, a D.C. monument tour, and a late evening nightcap at the hotel bar, sponsored by ICIX.  During the Symposium, attendees will be able to take advantage of a Wellness Lounge, a group charging station and a Head Shot studio.

Wednesday morning is “CPSC Day” and we are optimistic that the government will remain open and attendees will have an opportunity to hear from CPSC Commissioners and staff on many important safety issues confronting the product safety community.  If there is any change in CPSC attendance at the Symposium, we have contingency plans in place to provide relevant information for all stakeholders.

Check out the agenda for updated information and if you haven’t yet registered, there’s still time and room for you to participate.



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