ASTM-ICPHSO Voluntary Standards Workshop Agenda Now Posted!

An agenda has now been posted for the upcoming ASTM-ICPHSO Voluntary Standards Workshop on October 10, 2017 at the Law Office of Covington & Burling LLP in Washington, D.C.  The workshop is open to all and there is no cost to attend.  Pre-registration is required and you can register on the ASTM Website.  As you will see on the agenda, we are planning for an interactive discussion on the “Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Voluntary Standards.” We anticipate a comprehensive and lively workshop detailing all aspects of the voluntary standard development process.  If you aren’t able to attend the workshop in person, we are planning on broadcasting the workshop through web ex.  Details will be provided prior to the Workshop.

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It’s also not too late to still register for ICPHSO’s 2017 International Symposium in Tokyo, Japan on November 14-15, 2017.  Details can be found on the ICPHSO event page on our website.  Take advantage of the ICPHSO hotel rate before it closes.

ICPHSO 2017 Toyko International Symposium_website banner 05.02.17SaveDate

Watch this blog for additional information on ICPHSO 25th Silver Jubilee Anniversary kicking off during the 2018 Annual Meeting and Training Symposium, February 20-23, 2018, in Orlando, Florida.  Sponsorship, Registration, and Hotel Information is coming soon.


Upcoming Events – Dates To Note…

ICPHSO has a number of event deadlines coming up over the next couple of months so I thought I would provide everyone a recap so you don’t miss any of these opportunities:

ICPHSO Board of Director Applications  due by September 15, 2017 Board Applicant Information Available Here

ICPHSO Northwest Lunch Event (Seattle, WA and Portland, OR) – September 21, 2017 on competing State requirements.   Information available here.  Pre-registration required to attend this ICPHSO member limited space event.

ICPHSO-ASTM Voluntary Standards Workshop on October 10, 2017 at the Law Office of Covington & Burling, 850 Tenth Street, NW, Washington, D.C.  Pre-registration required – No charge to attend – open to everyone.  Breakfast, Lunch and Breaks provided free of charge.  Agenda Information Available Here.  To register to attend, go to the ASTM Website and Register.

ICPHSO-CPSC Lab Tour on October 11, 2017 The lab tour the day after the Voluntary Standards Workshop is now filled.  Attendees who requested transportation assistance will be notified soon about the arrangements.  A waiting list will be maintained for this limited attendee event.

ICPHSO International Symposium, November 14-15, 2017, Tokyo, Japan.  Sponsorship and Exhibitor Opportunities remain open but the deadline to be included in the printed Program Book is September 12, 2017.   Registration for the Symposium remains open.  Please register before October 13, 2017 to be included in the printed attendee list.  Registration will be taken through the dates of the Symposium.   The preliminary agenda is now posted online and additional details about the program will soon be updated on the website.  Additional hotel rooms have been added to the ICPHSO room block at the Hilton Tokyo Odaiba Hotel.  The hotel deadline is for the ICPHSO block rate is October 29, 2017.  Make your reservations today!

ICPHSO 2018 Annual Meeting and Training Symposium, February 20-23, 2018, Orlando, Florida – ICPHSO 25th Silver Jubilee Anniversary.  Registration information is posted now for budget planning purposes. Sponsorship Information will be posted soon with special 25th Anniversary sponsorship opportunities to be announced.  Registration for the Symposium and hotel information will be available in the near future.  For the latest Symposium information check here.


ICPHSO Strategic Planning – ICPHSO’s current strategic plan is for the time period of 2013-2018.  A Strategic Planning Committee has been formed and we are in the process of updating our strategic plan for the period of 2018-2023.  After some initial work by the Strategic Planning Committee, a survey will be sent to all ICPHSO members in November 2017 seeking input on our new Strategic Plan.  If you aren’t already a member, now may be the time to consider joining us so your voice can be heard as we shape the future of the organization.

As you can see, ICPHSO is busy with a number of events coming up in the next couple of months.  I hope you are able to take advantage of these various opportunities.  Please contact me if you have any questions.




ICPHSO-ASTM Voluntary Standards Workshop and CPSC Lab Visit REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!

To ICPHSO continues to work with ASTM and other organizations to bring you current and timely product safety information.  We are pleased to announce a one-day workshop on October 10, 2017 at the Law Offices of Covington & Burling LLP, 50 Tenth Street, NW, Washington, D.C. from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  There is no cost to attend this workshop and all are welcome.

This one-day workshop will help participants better understand the potential benefits, drawbacks, and limitations of voluntary safety standards, the process for developing a consensus-based standard, some key considerations associated with standard development, and how regulators and government representatives perceive the utility and role of voluntary safety standards. The workshop’s panels will feature representatives from various manufacturers, retailers, law firms, standards organizations, global regulatory agencies, and consumer advocacy organizations who will present the full range of views.

While there is no cost to attend the workshop, advance registration will be required. Click Here to Register on the ASTM website.  The agenda will be posted on the ICPHSO and ASTM website soon.

In addition, to the one day Voluntary Standards Workshop, ICPHSO is pleased to provide attendees to the workshop with an opportunity to visit and tour the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission laboratory on October 11, 2017.  Transportation will be provided by ICPHSO to and from the lab from D.C..  While you don’t have to be an ICPHSO member to participate in the lab visit, since there will be limited space for the tour, ICPHSO members will receive priority registration.  To register for the ICPHSO CPSC Lab Visit – Click Here to Register.  Completing the questionnaire does not guarantee a space on the tour since we are limited at the number of people who can participate.  Participants will be contacted by email..




Upcoming Training Opportunities: Voluntary Standards, CPSC Lab Tour, China and State Requirements

In addition to our three annual training conferences, (our International Symposium is being held in Tokyo, Japan on November 14-15, 2017) ICPHSO has collaborated with ASTM International on two previous occasions to offer ICPHSO members and non-members one-day workshops covering Information and Education Programs and the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Poison Prevention Packaging Act. These workshops came about because of voluntary standards work involving liquid laundry packets, which included regulators, industry members, consumers, and others working together to develop a voluntary standard to address safety concerns. I am pleased to report that the Committee that developed these workshops has announced another one-day workshop on the development of voluntary safety standards for consumer products.

The workshop will be on Tuesday, October 10, 2017, from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, at the offices of Covington and Burling, LLP, 850 Tenth Street, NW, Washington, D.C. There is no cost to attend but advance registration will be required.

This one-day workshop will help participants better understand the potential benefits, drawbacks, and limitations of voluntary safety standards, the process for developing a consensus-based standard, some key considerations associated with standard development, and how regulators and government representatives perceive the utility and role of voluntary safety standards. The workshop’s panels will feature representatives from various manufacturers, retailers, law firms, standards organizations, global regulatory agencies, and consumer advocacy organizations who will present the full range of views.

While there is no cost to attend, advance registration will be required. Breakfast, lunch, and breaks will be provided and the conference is being sponsored by ICPHSO, ASTM International, Procter & Gamble and Covington and Burling, LLP. Details on registration will soon be available on-line at ASTM International and ICPHSO.

icphoso-logo-110heightFOOTER WEBPAGE              P & G   Covington     Logo_of_ASTM_International,_Oct_2015Covington

In addition, ICPHSO has arranged to provide Workshop attendees with an opportunity to tour the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Product Testing Evaluation Center in Rockville, Maryland. This is where CPSC conducts all testing and scientific work on various consumers products within its authority. The lab tour will take place on October 11, 2017 from 9:00 am 12:00 noon, at the Lab’s Rockville, Maryland location. There are a very limited number of spaces available for the tour, and while you don’t have to be an ICPHSO member to participate, members will receive priority placement. If you are interested in participating in this three-hour tour the day after the standards workshop, complete the questionnaire. Free parking is available at the lab. Additional details on the tour will be posted as they become available.  Advance registration is required for all participants.



The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced two training events in China in September. These two training events are being organized by CPSC, the European Commission and AmCham of South China. The first is Laboratory Testing of Children’s Products at the Park Hyatt Hotel, Guangzhou, China on September 11, 2017. More information and registration is available at: Lab Testing of Children’s Products.

The second training event is being held on September 12, 2017 at the Park Hyatt Hotel, Gangzhou, China and covers “Design for Safety: Preventing Mechanical Hazards for Designers and Manufacturers.” Assisting CPSC at this training event will be testing and conformity assessment professionals associated with the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA). Registration and additional information is available at: Design for Safety Training Event.                                                                                                          EC Logo  CPSC logo                     AmChamLogo

On September 21, 2017, at 11:00 am (pt), ICPHSO’s third Northwest Lunch Event is scheduled and will bring ICPHSO members from the Seattle and Portland areas together through video-link to discuss how they navigate competing state requirements. The event is being hosted by Perkins Coie in their Seattle and Portland offices.   State regulators will discuss the Washington State Children’s Safe Products Act and the Oregon State Toxic-Free Kids Act, how those programs have been implemented, new reporting obligations starting January 2018 for entities introducing and distributing children’s product in and to these jurisdictions, applicable exemptions, and best practices to be shared to meet the new requirements. ICPHSO members who wish to attend this event, contact to register.  Pre-registration is required.  Lunch will be provided courtesy of Perkins Coie.


I hope many of you will be able to take advantage of these training opportunities. We will continue to identify training of interest to the product safety community. Feel free to let me know of other training opportunities that become available, and if you are interested in collaborating with ICPHSO on a future event, I would love to hear from you.



Looking For a Few Good Board Members…


At the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO) we rely upon our members to volunteer and take an active role in planning and implementing our three annual conferences among many other tasks that need to be done to run a membership organization. Board members take a leadership role within ICPHSO and help set the policy and direction of the organization.

We are currently soliciting nomination applications for new Board members to be seated at our board meeting at the Annual Symposium in February 2018. Generally, as individual members become more active within the organization, they become great candidates for a board position. Board Member candidates ideally have the following traits:

• Links with one or more of ICPHSO’s stakeholder communities;
• Team player and ability to work in a multi-stakeholder environment;
• Knowledge and understanding of product safety issues and trends;
• Dedication and responsibility; and
• Ability to commit the time and resources to serve on the Board, committees, and attend ICPHSO events;

During my nearly 25-year interaction with ICPHSO, I’ve worked with some of the most dedicated and committed members of the product safety community. ICPHSO strives to represent all stakeholders and because of that we especially are seeking qualified nominees from the retail and consumer advocacy communities to ensure a balanced and representative Board.

How do you get involved with ICPHSO if you are a new member? Many board members start out volunteering through one of our committees. For instance, to keep the registration costs down for our conferences, we rely upon sponsorship and exhibitor fees. Our Sponsorship Committee leads the solicitation of these contributions from our many stakeholders. Working on a planning committee is another example where members can show the type of leadership that typify an ICPHSO Board member. We rely upon individuals to step up and take a leadership role in support of ICPHSO. As Nancy Cowles (Past President and current Chair of our Nominating Committee has said, “ICPHSO does so much to further knowledge, collaboration, and progress in product safety, how can you not be a part of this great organization?”

I encourage all who are interested in becoming a board member to apply. We get many applicants for a limited number of positions and it’s often hard to select from many different qualified applicants. If you haven’t been actively involved, it’s never too late to get started. Talk to anyone on our Executive Committee or me about ways in which you can start assisting us today!



Countdown to Tokyo and Beyond…


As the Executive Director of ICPHSO, the countdown clock on our website is what seems to drive my days. As of today, we have 97 days to go to our first ever 2017 International Symposium in Tokyo, Japan. Board Member and Symposium Planning Chair Rod Freeman and his committee is working on finalizing the program for our two-day international symposium. We received many substantive and on theme proposals (“It Started with an Idea: Safety in the Product Life Cycle”) and they are being reviewed, sometimes combined, and finalized to present a comprehensive and broad product safety training symposium related to the Symposium’s theme. Our members and supporters continue to amaze me through the time you take to support our Symposia and training workshops with ideas, suggestions, proposals and assisting with each of our three conferences every year.

ICPHSO 2017 Toyko International Symposium_TwitterProfile
As we take steps to finalize the Tokyo program, we are also counting down to the kick-off of ICPHSO’s 2018 Silver Jubilee Anniversary Year. “Only 195 days until Orlando!” While it may seem like a long time, in ICPHSO years, it’s way too short of a time as we move forward to prepare for the Annual Symposium. President Elect and 2018 Program Planning Chair Belinda May and her Committee is beginning the process of reviewing the 71 proposals that were submitted related to the Annual Symposium’s theme: “Accelerated Change in the Exponential Age: Learning from History to Make Safer Products in the Future.” We appreciate all who submitted proposals and during the rest of August and early September we will be busy as we try to narrow down the proposals to fit into the time we have available in Orlando.                           ICPHSO25thAnniversaryFinal.pngWe also recently announced ICPHSO Board Member vacancies with an announcement seeking qualified candidates to sit on our Board. Thanks to Past President and Executive Committee Member, Nancy Cowles for leading our effort to identify future board members. The ICPHSO Board determines basic policies, sets goals and objectives, elects officers, and approves the ICPHSO budget for the coming year. Under the leadership of Rick Brenner, our current President and 2017 Symposium Planning Chair, we have at least four scheduled board meetings a year to ensure ICPHSO is performing as intended. Unlike some other Boards, ICPHSO’s board and executive committee members are all volunteers and all have displayed a passion and commitment to fostering a product safety environment that brings together a diverse group of stakeholders to exchange ideas, share information, and address safety and health concerns affecting all of us.                                                        boarddirectorsAs you can see, ICPHSO remains busy working to provide the product safety community with the latest information, education, and training to address emerging safety concerns and to assist stakeholders with existing global requirements. We look forward to seeing you in Tokyo in November and in Orlando in February 2018. Future blogs will update you on our other plans for 2018.  For us, the countdown is never over!


ICPHSO Northwest Region Event – Seattle Port Tour

Last week, ICPHSO’s Association Manager (Kimber Nation) and I, went to Seattle, Washington to participate in an ICPHSO Northwest Event.  We also conducted a number of hotel site visits in anticipation that our 2018 Regional Product Safety Training Workshop will take place in the Seattle, Washington area next June.  Below is Association Manager Kimber Nation’s report of the Northwest region event:

Port of Seattle's Terminal 46.

On July 27, 2017, the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO)  hosted a tour of the Seattle port and the warehouse where officers from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) inspect incoming cargo. Forty-two individuals from the Northwest area participated in this members-only event. Attendees met with CBP officers to review the process for accepting incoming cargo.

Each year, more than 11 million containers arrive at US seaports. CBP is responsible for knowing what is inside, whether it poses a risk to the American people, and ensuring that all proper revenues are collected. CBP works with other government agencies including the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), to help increase security and safeguard the world’s trade industry.

At the Seattle port, ICPHSO attendees watched CBP officers use hi-tech electronic screening equipment to look inside containers without entering them,               Scanning (002)

then access and physically inspect the contents of containers.

Inspecting (002)

At the Customs Examination Station (CES) warehouse, agents demonstrated their inspection techniques to ensure shipments do not contain illegal or potentially dangerous goods.

Members of the tour included representatives from the CPSC Import Surveillance Division who regularly work with CPB to inspect cargo to determine if it is safe for use by American citizens. This includes testing for lead, radiation, and other hazardous chemicals, and to ensure that products meet all US safety regulations.

starbucks-logo-1 (002)

Shuttle busses and morning refreshments were provided by ICPHSO member Starbucks. This event is part of a pilot program to bring education, training, and networking opportunities to local Northwest members who may not be able to travel to one of the three annual ICPHSO symposium events.  Check our website for future ICPHSO regional  events.