ICPHSO International Symposium: October 24-25, 2019, Dublin, Ireland, Sponsor Update – Registration Still Available!


Marc Schoemby Marc Schoem

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With less than a month to go until we hold our 2019 International Symposium at Trinity College, in Dublin, Ireland on October 24-25, 2019, our agenda is packed with critical and much needed product safety information that every product safety professional can use.

Hear from our distinguished  keynote speakers, including the newly elected President of ANEC, the CEO and President of  GE Appliances, and  the CEO of the XR Association.  The agenda also features a return of the Global Regulator Panel who will update our attendees on the latest developments in product safety worldwide.

The conference includes a pre-symposium welcome reception sponsored by Mason Hayes & Curran as well as a Reception and Tour at the Guinness Storehouse, sponsored by ICIX and GE Appliances/Potomac Law Group.  Both of these networking events are included in the price of registration as are all conference materials.

ICPHSO thanks our generous sponsors and exhibitors who will join us at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, for the 2019 International Symposium on October 24-25, 2019.   We still have sponsorship’s and exhibit space available.


Emerald: ♦ Mason Hayes & Curran ♦

Guinness Tour and Reception: ♦ ICIX ♦ GE Appliances/Potomac Law Group ♦

Platinum: ♦ Cooley LLP ♦ Hogan Lovells LLP ♦ Oculus ♦

Gold: ♦ TUV SUD ♦

Friends: ♦  Dentons US LLP ♦  The Toy Association ♦

Scholarship: ♦ Belinda May/Captain Ralph Spitz ♦ Insight Quality Services ♦ The Toy Association ♦ Wood MacMillan Charitable Fund ♦

Meeting App: ♦ Cooley LLP 
Conference Bag: ♦
Lanyard: ♦ Mason Hayes & Curran ♦
Pre Workshop Reception:  ♦
Mason Hayes & Curran ♦


♦ api:SgT
♦ Compliance & Risks
♦ Cooley LLP
♦ Hogan Lovells LLP
♦ Marketpoint Recall
♦ Mason Hayes & Curran
♦ Oculus

Register today .and join product safety professionals from around the globe.  Agenda Information Here.

Looking forward to seeing you in Dublin!



ICPHSO International Symposium Call for Proposals Now Open!

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ICPHSO (International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization) is now accepting proposals for sessions at its 2019 International Symposium – Shaping the Future in Times of International Change to be held in Dublin, Ireland, October 24-25, 2019. Proposals must be non-commercial in nature and must pertain to topics of interest to the worldwide consumer product safety community. Proposals can be submitted for general plenary sessions and breakout sessions.

Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer, distributor, consumer representative, regulator, NGO or service provider, we invite you to submit proposals. Some possible themes for sessions are below, but they are only suggestions and should not deter the proposal of relevant and innovative content.

  • International Co-operation
  • New Technologies
  • Impact of social media on product safety
  • Trends in international regulation
  • Sector-specific issues and trends
  • Best practices in managing product safety
  • Multi-stakeholder collaboration
  • Raising the profile of product safety within institutions and the community
  • Product Recall Effectiveness

Overview of Requirements & Guidelines for Proposal Submissions:

  • Proposals must be complete and meet the minimum character count;
  • Suggested speakers and their affiliation must be included with all proposals;
  • Do not commit a speaking role to suggested speakers until approved;
  • Discuss new and widely relevant topics;
  • Draw on a wide and diverse pool of subject matter experts;
  • Incorporate interactive content & audience participation;
  • Sessions are restricted to a maximum of three speakers and one moderator
  • Moderators must be ICPHSO members to participate
  • No registration fee waiver for speaking;
  • No sales pitches or attacks;
  • Use the mobile meeting app for Q&A and dedicate time for Q&A in each session.

Detailed Requirements & Guidelines for Proposal Submissions:

ICPHSO typically receives a significantly greater number of proposals for its programs than the schedules will accommodate.  Through the processes described below, successful proposals will be selected taking into account the following criteria:

  • Propose New and Widely Relevant Topics. ICPHSO thrives on providing new and widely relevant information to attendees. Proposals must strive to provide fresh content and avoid repeating topics from previous ICPHSO agendas unless there have been major new developments. Proposals based on specific issues or sectors should indicate how those issues apply more broadly and can be useful to a wide range of
  • Draw on a Wide and Diverse Pool of Subject Matter Experts. In accordance with ICPHSO’s mission and policies, proposals must be inclusive of the diversity within ICPHSO’s membership and conference attendees. Proposals should strive to include speakers that (a) represent a range of stakeholder groups and perspectives; (b) provide geographical and human diversity; and (c) haven’t presented at a previous ICPHSO event.  Proposals with recommended moderators and speakers that do not meet this requirement may not be selected or, if selected, may be modified by the Planning Chairman and ICPHSO Executive Committee. Speakers and moderators suitable for selection will have demonstrable experience and expertise in the subject matter.
  • Incorporate Interactive Content & Audience Participation. Proposals that incorporate interactive content, encourage audience participation, and facilitate interaction among speakers will be given strongest consideration. The use of the ICPHSO meeting app for Q&A and the reservation of enough time for Q&A is required. The use of PowerPoint presentations alone and lecture format is highly discouraged. Each proposed session should build in at least 15 minutes for questions and interactive discussion with attendees.
  • Sessions are restricted to a maximum of three speakers and one moderator. If the moderator is expected to have a speaking/presentation role then the session is restricted to a maximum of two speakers and one moderator/speaker.
  • Speakers and Moderators Can Only Participate in One Session throughout the program.
  • Moderators must be ICPHSO members. ICPHSO membership is a requirement in order to be a moderator unless an exception is made by the Planning Chairman and ICPHSO’s Executive Director.
  • No Registration Fee Waiver for Speaking. Moderators and Speakers who are attending the meeting are expected to pay the appropriate registration fee that applies to them in accordance with ICPHSO Scholarship assistance may be available if a moderator or speaker is unable to pay the appropriate registration fee depending upon available scholarship contributions.
  • Incomplete Proposals will Not Be Accepted. Proposals must meet the minimum character count and must identify specific speaker recommendations.

Proposal Selection Process:

An initial round of weighting presentations will be performed by the Planning Chairman and the ICPHSO Executive Committee. Suggestions for speakers on proposed topics are strongly considered, speakers for any successful proposal will be chosen at the discretion of the ICPHSO Executive Committee to ensure each session meets ICPHSO’s criteria, including that it reflects the diversity of ICPHSO membership and conference attendees. Proposed speakers must represent different stakeholder groups to reflect balance and all points of view.  Speaker commitments should not be extended to speakers until after review of the recommended speakers by the Symposium Planning Chairman and ICPHSO Executive Committee


Deadline for submissions:  July 3, 2019

Selection and communication to submitter : On or about July 26, 2019


Please email:  info@icphso.org

Submitting Proposals:

Submit your proposal at this link:  Proposal Submission Form. Once completed, press the Submit button.



ICPHSO Conference Locations Wanted!



Annual Symposium

As many of you know, ICPHSO selects its conference locations many years in advance.  Our three conferences consist of an Annual Meeting and Training Symposium held yearly in Orlando, Florida, and every third year in Washington, D.C. at the end of February.  Orlando was originally selected as the home of the Annual Symposium since it was a good location and reasonable for both domestic and international flights.  From the beginning, a significant concern of the founders of ICPHSO was providing an efficient and fairly inexpensive means to attend ICPHSO and Orlando was the location that was selected.  Beginning in 2010, ICPHSO began to hold its Annual Symposium in the Washington, D.C. area every third year.  This move was prompted by a suggestion from then CPSC Commissioners that if the ICPHSO Symposium was held in the DC area, regulators from the around the federal government interested in product safety issues could attend.  While we did hold a couple of selected conferences prior to 2010 in Bethesda, Maryland and Washington, D.C., we had never undertaken a long-term approach to returning until 2010 and we have been back to DC every third year since.  After just completing our 2019 Symposium in Washington, D.C., we anticipate returning to the Washington, D.C. area again in 2022 and we recently took steps to solicit information from appropriate size hotels who can host our growing number attendees for when we come back.

Regional and International Conferences

Our Regional and International conference locations in recent years has been generally as a result of one of our company/organization members or a government entity expressing interest in hosting our conference.

Regional Workshop:

Our regional workshops are held in North America, generally in June/July of each year.  We work  to ensure different yearly geographical locations to attract the largest number of attendees as possible from areas where travel to Florida or Washington, D.C. may not always be possible due to budget constraints. We work with companies/organizations who have the space and are willing to host ICPHSO at their corporation location. We will be in Saint Louis at St Louis University on July 11, 2019 for our Regional Workshop this year.  We anticipate returning to the west coast of the U.S. in 2020 for our next Regional Workshop.

International Symposium:

Our International Symposium is held outside the United States generally in October/November, and we usually work with a government entity or company who is willing to host ICPHSO for the two-day Symposium.  Having a host keeps our costs down and allows us to charge minimum registration fees to attend.  Since at least 2012, we have been fortunate to collaborate with the European Commission to schedule our International Symposium either just before or after the Commission’s International Product Safety Week activities.  Our collaboration with the European Commission continues and we anticipate returning to Brussels again in 2020 to take advantage of having many different regulators present during our Symposium.  This collaboration has been one of added value to ICPHSO and we look forward to continuing to work with the European Commission on future conference.

Hosting an ICPHSO Regional Workshop/International Symposium

For the first time, we have now posted an ICPHSO Host Prospectus on our website in an effort to hear from ICPHSO members and conference attendees interested in hosting our Regional Workshop or International Symposium in 2021 and beyond.   Included in the document is information on what hosting entails as well as the benefits received from hosting one of our conference.

As we continue to plan for our future, please look at the hosting document and if you have any interest in collaborating with ICPHSO by hosting either a Regional Workshop or an International Symposium, please complete the form included with the document and we will contact you.

If you have any questions, please free to contact me at marc.schoem@icphso.org.  I would love to hear from you.










ICPHSO Announces New Board Members for 2019-2020


ICPHSO 2019 Board of Directors

Washington, D.C. February 26, 2019 –- The International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO) announced today at its Annual Meeting and Training Symposium being held in Washington, D.C., the selection of new Board Members to lead the organization that is comprised of product health and safety professionals from around the world.  The ICPHSO Board of Directors determines basic policies, sets goals and objectives, elects officers and approves the budget in accordance with the bylaws of the organization.

Elected to the Board of Directors to serve an initial three-year term are the following:

  • Brian Grochal – Digital Innovations Manager, UL LLC, Boulder, Colorado
  • David Kosnoff – Vice President, Quality Assurance, Hasbro Far East Limited, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Len Morrissey, Director, Global Business Development and Strategy, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
  • Rebeca Sharpe, Senior Manager, Product Safety & Compliance, Best Buy, Richfield, Minnesota
  • Kami Snowbarger, Director of Product Safety & Recalls, Just Between Friends Franchise System, Inc., Tulsa, Oklahoma

In addition to the new board members, an existing Board Member was elected to move to ICPHSO’s Executive Committee as a Vice President of the organization:

  • Andy Church, Founder & CEO, Insight Quality Services, Irving, Texas and current ICPHSO Board Member

The Executive Committee is comprised of the officers of the Board and with the election of new board members and move of Andy Church to Vice President on the Executive Committee, and several existing positions within the Executive Committee are changing:

  • Matt Howsare, Member and Co-Chair, Consumer Products Practice, Mintz, Washington, D.C., becomes the President for 2019-2020
  • Rick Rosati, Vice President, Government Affairs and Industry, Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, Buffalo, New York, becomes the President Elect and the 2020 Symposium Planning Chair
  • Belinda May, Partner, Dentons US LLP, St. Louis, Missouri, becomes the Past President and will also serve as Treasurer
  • Rick Brenner, President, Product Safety Advisors, Mamaroneck, New York, departs the Board after serving as Past President and Nominating Committee Chair
  • Mike Dwyer, President, The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), Mount Laurel, New Jersey, departs the Board after serving as a Board Member and Treasurer
  • Marc J. Schoem, Executive Director, ICPHSO, Olney, Maryland, remains as Secretary


ICPHSO, founded in 1993 is the only organization which attracts a global membership of health and safety professionals and meets annually during three training conferences, to exchange ideas, share information, and address health and safety concerns affecting all consumers.  ICPHSO members represent U.S. and global government agencies, manufacturers, importers, retailers, trade associations, certification/testing laboratories, law firms, academia, standards writing organizations, consultants, media and consumer advocacy groups.  More information is available on ICPHSO’s website at: www.icphso.org.


ICPHSO 2019 Annual Symposium – Thank You Sponsors and Exhibitors!

ICPHSO thanks our generous sponsors and exhibitors who will join us in Washington, D.C. at our 2019 Annual Meeting and Training Symposium on February 25-28, 2019. The support they provide us is appreciated. Please take advantage of all the opportunities provided by our sponsors and exhibitors.


Diamond: ♦ ICIX ♦

Platinum: ♦ Intertek ♦ SGS North America ♦

Gold: ♦ Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, Inc. ♦ CSA Group ♦ Dentons LLP ♦ Eurofins/MET Labs ♦ Exponent, Inc. ♦ Husch Blackwell LLP ♦ Mintz ♦ Nelson, Mullins, Riley & Scarborough LLP ♦ Oculus ♦  QIMA (formerly Asia Inspection) ♦ Recall Results ♦ STC Group ♦ Stericycle Expert Solutions ♦ The Toy Association♦ TUV SUD America Inc. ♦  UL ♦

Silver: ♦ American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)  ♦ Arnold & Porter LLP ♦  Cooley LLP ♦ Crowell & Moring ♦ CTI Laboratory Group ♦ Ferrero USA, Inc. ♦ Norton Rose Fulbright ♦ The Policy Resolution Group at Bracewell LLP ♦  TUV Rheinland ♦

Friends: ♦ ADK Information Services ♦ Amazon ♦ Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) ♦   Insight Quality Services ♦ Johnson Matthey Inc./Bitrex ♦  Procter & Gamble ♦ ProductIP  B.V. ♦  Product Safety Letter (PSL) ♦ Quality Certification Alliance ♦

Scholarship: ♦ Belinda May/Captain Ralph Spitz ♦ Britax Child Safety, Inc. ♦ CalletLaw ♦ Compliance and Risks, Ltd. ♦ Crayola ♦ Gradient ♦ Hasbro ♦ Hunter Douglas ♦ ICL-IP America, Inc. ♦ International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA) ♦  J. Crew ♦ Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association (JPMA) ♦ KARV Communications ♦ Keller and Heckman LLP ♦ David & Johanna Kosnoff ♦ The LEGO Group ♦ Mattel, Inc. ♦ McDonald’s ♦ Miles & Stockbridge PC ♦  Modern Testing Services ♦ Morrison & Foerster LLP ♦ Nordstrom Product Group ♦ NSF International ♦ ProductIP ♦ Product Safety Letter (PSL)♦  Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) ♦ Safety Research & Strategies (SRS) ♦ Samsung Electronics America, Inc. ♦ Schiff Hardin LLP ♦  Society of Product Safety Professionals (SPSP) ♦ Stinson Leonard Street LLP ♦ The Home Depot ♦  The Law Office of Alan H. Schoem ♦ Whirlpool Corporation ♦

Conference Bag: TUV SUD ♦
Nametag Lanyards: Mintz ♦
Meeting App: Cooley LLP ♦
Wellness Lounge: Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, Inc. ♦
Headshot Studio: Recall Results ♦
Magnetic Phone Stand: Johnson Matthey, Inc./Bitrex ♦
Hotel Key Cards: Crowell & Moring ♦
Luggage Tags: Ferrero ♦
Evening Nightcap: ICIX ♦


♦ ADK Information Services, LLC
♦ API/SgT Group
♦ Applied Safety & Ergonomics
♦ Applied Technical Services
♦ Asia Quality Focus (AQF)
♦ Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, Inc.
♦ Cleartrack Information Network
♦ Compliance and Risks Ltd
♦ Cooley LLP
♦ CSA Group
♦ Engineering Systems, Inc. (Esi)
♦ Eurofins Scientific, Inc.
♦ Exponent, Inc.
♦ Global Registration Services, Inc.
♦ Health Canada
♦ Hogan Lovells
♦ ICIX International, Inc.
♦ Insight Quality Services, LLC
♦ International Compliance Workshop Limited (ICW)
♦ Intertek
♦ Marketpoint Recall
♦ MET Laboratories
♦ Modern Testing Services
♦ Norton Rose Fulbright LLP
♦ Product Safety Letter (PSL)
♦ QIMA (formerly Asia Inspection)
♦ Quality Certification Alliance (QCA)
♦ Scivera
♦ SGS North America
♦ STC Group
♦ Stericycle Expert Solutions
♦ The Toy Association
♦TUV Rheinland
♦ TUV SUD American Inc.
♦ UL
♦ Unitec Laboratory Services Limited

Click Here for Sponsor and Exhibitor Information

On-Line Registration now closed.   Limited number of on-site registrations will be available. For updated information on the Symposium, check out our website.

Looking forward to seeing you in DC!




2019 ICPHSO Annual Symposium Highlights…


We are excited about the addition of our Tuesday luncheon presentation by NBC4 News (Washington, D.C.) Consumer Reporter, Susan Hogan.  Susan has over 25 years of consumer reporting experience and she is encouraging a “dialogue” with attendees which should be of interest to all present.  Prepare your questions in advance!   Our new meeting app will be providing live polling opportunities as well as the ability to send questions to the speakers during each session.  Agenda, speaker, sponsor and exhibitor information is also provided.  Thanks to Cooley, LLP for sponsoring the use of this new meeting app during our Symposium.

We also previously announced a number of events taking place during ICPHSO, including our job matching program, an escape room adventure, a D.C. monument tour, and a late evening nightcap at the hotel bar, sponsored by ICIX.  During the Symposium, attendees will be able to take advantage of a Wellness Lounge, a group charging station and a Head Shot studio.

Wednesday morning is “CPSC Day” and we are optimistic that the government will remain open and attendees will have an opportunity to hear from CPSC Commissioners and staff on many important safety issues confronting the product safety community.  If there is any change in CPSC attendance at the Symposium, we have contingency plans in place to provide relevant information for all stakeholders.

Check out the agenda for updated information and if you haven’t yet registered, there’s still time and room for you to participate.



20 Days to Go!

Only twenty days until ICPHSO’s 2019 Annual Meeting and Training Symposium, in Washington, D.C. February 25-28, 2019 at the Marriott Renaissance Downtown.  Our registration numbers continue to rise and we are looking forward to seeing you in less than 3 weeks.

A reminder for those of you who haven’t checked out the AGENDA lately, its being updated on a daily basis.  We have over 100 speakers participating in Tutorial, Breakout and Plenary Sessions.  We have a record number of sponsors and exhibitors who will be providing attendees with information on the latest product safety goods and services and our Job Matching Program returns to the Annual Symposium again this year.  If you are a company with job announcements or a health and safety professional interested in seeing what jobs might be available, contact former President and Board Member, Carol Pollack-Nelson.

We have also just announced a number of activities taking place during ICPHSO, including the ever popular First Timers Breakfast, which is a good way to meet fellow attendees and learn more about ICPHSO and volunteer opportunities.  We are also fortunate in that a number of ICPHSO sponsors are providing additional activities that will take place during the week.  These include a Bureau Veritas Wellness Lounge, CTI Laboratory Group Charging Station, Recall Results Head Shot Studio,  ICIX Nightcap, Escape The Room DC, and Monument Tour.  Check out these and other activities in the Things to Do link on our website.  Some are limited opportunities and have a minimal cost associated with the event.

If you haven’t made your hotel reservations yet, we just announced a new block of rooms available at the nearby Embassy Suites Hotel.  Don’t delay these rooms are going fast.

Looking forward to seeing you all in DC!