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Happy 2019 to all ICPHSO members, conference attendees, supporters and followers!  It’s an exciting time for ICPHSO as we countdown to our 2019 Annual Meeting and Training Symposium in Washington, D.C., February 25-28, 2019.  Symposium Planning Chairman Matt Howsare and his planning committee continue to add new content to the Schedule so if you haven’t checked it out lately please do so.

As of January 1, 2019, ICPHSO  retained the services of a new association management company to assist us with our membership support, conference logistics and back office support.  Changes have been or will be made in a number of areas including membership, conference planning and implementation, registration, sponsorship and exhibits and our newly developed website among many other areas.  With this additional assistance my hope is to be able to network more with other organizations as well as attend various conferences and trade shows in an effort to further promote ICPHSO.  If you have conferences or trade shows upcoming, I would love to hear from you and see whether ICPHSO can participate.

I want to formally welcome the following staff from Association Headquarters (AH)working with ICPHSO as we move forward:

Erin Gilbert, Meeting Manager



Jillian Magenta, Membership/Meeting Coordinator

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Christina DeRose, Sponsorship and Exhibitor Manager



Mike Dwyer, Chief Executive Relationship Officer



AH and the team members above are committed to work with ICPHSO as we begin our 26th year of bringing together global product safety and health professionals to be trained, to teach and learn and network with others within the product safety community.   In addition to the recent website changes, and an upgrade to our membership and registration data bases, we anticipate additional efficiencies as a result of our relationship with AH.

ICPHSO’s general information number is 703-822-7976.  Or you can reach us through email at info@icphso.org.  

As always, feel free to contact me at marc.schoem@icphso.org or by phone
at 301-774-3020 if you have any suggestions, comments or questions.  Looking forward to seeing you in Washington, D.C.




ICPHSO 2019 Annual Symposium Registration Now Open!

Register Button

2019 Annual Meeting and Training Symposium:

Registration for the ICPHSO 2019 Annual Meeting and Training Symposium, February 25-28, 2019 at the Renaissance Washington DC Downtown Hotel (same site as our 2016 Annual Symposium) is now open and on-line.  In addition, we have posted information on hotel rooms, sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities (limited) and the agenda for the Symposium.  Please take advantage of the early bird registration rates by registering today at :  REGISTER.  

Remember, ICPHSO members also receive a discount on registration so if you aren’t a member and want information, check out our membership page for further information.

Matt Howsare and the 2019 Symposium Planning Committee have put together a compelling week of training that you won’t want to miss.

Board of Director Update:

I want to also let you know we received a record number of applications to serve on the ICPHSO Board of Directors and thank all of you who applied.  I will be working with our President, Belinda May and Nominating Committee Chairman, Rick Brenner and the rest of the ICPHSO Executive Committee in reviewing each application and coming up with recommended applicants to seat on our Board in February 2019.  I’d like to remind everyone that the qualifications for each of the applicants is quite impressive and because of the number of applicants and the expertise each applicant brings to the Board, often times it takes several attempts to get on the Board.  So please don’t be discouraged if you aren’t selected, but continue to volunteer and make your presence known and apply again in the future.

2018 International Symposium Update:

Thanks to the record number of attendees at our International Symposium in Brussels. More than 40 countries were represented by the nearly 300 attendees.  Thanks to all attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors for your continued support of ICPHSO.  If you attended and haven’t yet completed your evaluation of the Symposium, please do so. All registered attendees received the link to provide an evaluation.  We are close to completing the final attendee list as well as making available the presentations from the Symposium.  Links and information will be sent to registered attendees in the near future.

2019 Regional Workshop:

We are close to finalizing our plans for our 2019 Regional Training Workshop during June 2019. Check our website for updated information in the future concerning the location and actual date of the Workshop.

Please remember to check our website frequently for updated Symposium information.  If you need further information from ICPHSO please feel free to use the following phone number and mailboxes to reach us:

Main Phone: (703) 822.7976
Membership Inquiries: membership@icphso.org
Meeting Inquiries: meetings@icphso.org
Sponsorship/Exhibit Opportunities: sponsor-exhibitor@icphso.org
Scholarship Inquiries: scholarship@icphso.org
Additional questions or comments: info@icphso.org

Or feel free to contact me at marc.schoem@icphso.org.  Have a great week!






ICPHSO Website Changes Coming…

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With ICPHSO’s 2018 International Symposium just a couple of weeks away, registration closed and the schedule now finalized, ICPHSO will be updating our website over the next couple of weeks.  While visitors to our website should still be able to access information concerning Brussels, and when posted, our upcoming 2019 Annual Symposium in Washington, D.C., members will not be able to log in to your account on line until the upgrade to our website is complete.   We are excited about the opportunity to be able to provide our stakeholders an updated website in the coming weeks.   Once our website is completed, new account information will be sent to each member so you can access your information on the website.  Continue to watch this blog as well as our Twitter and my LinkedIn account for updates on the status of the website.

Also, a reminder that we are still taking applications (until November 30, 2018) for ICPHSO Board Member positions.  If you are interested in working in a volunteer capacity for the only global organization dedicated to consumer product safety, please submit an application.  Generally, we do receive more applications than we have space, and many of our existing board members didn’t get in on the first try, so don’t be deterred if your application hasn’t been accepted in the past or isn’t this time around.  An organization is only as strong as the people who participate, and we are fortunate to have many active volunteers who share our passion for product safety.

For those of you who responded to our questionnaire for panelists for our 2019 Annual Symposium, thanks and know that your name and expertise will be shared with session moderators once the sessions have been selected for Symposium.  The ICPHSO Executive Committee will be reviewing the recommendations over the next couple of weeks and we hope to announce the proposal selections very soon.  Standby for more information.

I hope to see you at a future ICPHSO event.




ICPHSO International Symposium Sponsors and Exhibitors – Thank you!

ICPHSO thanks our generous sponsors and exhibitors who will join us in Brussels at our 2018 International Symposium on November 12-13, 2018. The support they provide us is appreciated. Please take advantage of all the opportunities provided by our sponsors and exhibitors and join us in Brussels.


Diamond: ♦ ICIX ♦ ICW

Platinum: ♦ Cooley LLP ♦ STC ♦ Oculus

Gold: ♦ TÜV SÜD

Silver: ♦ Dentons US LLP ♦ Exponent ♦ The Toy Association

Friends: ♦ Product Safety Letter (PSL) ♦ Electrical Safety First (UK)

Scholarship: ♦ ADK Information Services LLC/Saint Louis University Supply Chain Center

♦ Belinda May/Ralph Spitz

Angel: ♦ Jakks Pacific ♦ Free Bananas ♦ Insight Quality Services

Conference Bag: ♦ TÜV SÜD

Nametag Lanyards: ♦ European Commission

Meeting App and Voting App: ♦ Cooley  LLP


♦ Compliance and Risks

♦ Cooley LLP

♦ Hogan Lovells International LLP



♦ ICPHSO Scholarship Contributors

♦ Marketpoint Recall


Click here for sponsor and exhibitor information

Registration deadline to attend the International Symposium was extended by the European Commission.  Registration remains open for a very short period of time. 


See you in Brussels!



European Commission Extends ICPHSO Registration Deadline!

European flags on the background of the European Parliament

Thanks to the European Commission extending our International Symposium registration deadline, you have a few more days to register if you still want to attend this important global training and networking opportunity.  Highlights of Symposium:

  • Product safety regulators and safety professionals representing 35 countries
  • Over 40 safety and health professional Speakers
  • Over 200 global safety attendees representing manufacturers, importers, retailers, testing labs, certification and standards organizations, regulators, trade associations, consumer organizations, advocacy groups, academia and health researchers, lawyers, consultants and many others
  • Keynote presentations from European Commissioner Věra Jourová and CPSC Acting Chairman Ann Marie Buerkle
  • Plenary and Breakout sessions covering wide variety of topics including:
    • Tracking Big Data in EU’s Digital Single Market
    • Social Media and Product Misuse
    • Traceability of Products in the EAEU, EU and USA
    • Interactive Product Safety Crisis Simulation
    • Use of Historical Data to Establish Tolerable Risk
    • Safety of Toys and Taking Steps Towards Alignment  and other topics
  • International Product Safety Week Activities including the following:
    • Global Regulator Panel Discussion
    • Market Surveillance
    • Product Safety Networking Dinner Sponsored by the European Commission at Noble Palace
    • Joint OECD-EC Conference on IoT and Product Safety
    • Product Safety On-Line


Looking forward to seeing you in Brussels!





Not so funny…


Spam email! Everybody seems to get them and unfortunately they have became something we seem to experience every day.  ICPHSO has been the target of a number of spam emails to our members and attendees of many of our conferences.  We track the source and send cease and desist letters when we can identify the entity sending the email and pursue other courses of action to limit the unauthorized use of our name and conference related information.

Notwithstanding, these efforts,  late last week, my email address – mschoem@icphso.org apparently was pirated and used to send to a number of contacts in my address book an urgent message stating that the recipient  was sent an encrypted message Via One Drive.  It then asks the recipient to click on a link for a preview/download.   DON’T CLICK ON IT PLEASE!   

I didn’t send this email and thankfully only a very limited number of my contacts seemed to have gotten the email.  In fact if there was any good to come out of a really frustrating and difficult situation, I heard from some former colleagues and even some friends I hadn’t heard from in a while.  But I wouldn’t suggest this as a way to keep in contact with people.   Hopefully others who may have received the email had sufficient filters to send the spam mail right to deletion with your other junk mail.  As you can imagine, the use of my ICPHSO email account has caused all kinds of issues, especially coming just a few days before the October 19, 2018 deadline for registration for Brussels.  I’ve created a new email for myself so if you have recently sent me an email, I am not ignoring you, but chances are I didn’t receive it.  I am working with IT staff in an effort to recover lost email sent to my email box and to ensure we have sufficient protections and have taken adequate steps to safeguard our email accounts.

I can now be reached at this new email address: marc.schoem@icphso.org .  If nothing else, now everyone will be reminded how to spell my first name!

And one last reminder, we still have room for you in Brussels during our International Symposium on November 12-13, 2018, but time is running out.  The deadline to register is this Friday, October 19, 2018.  We can’t extend the deadline nor can we accept any on-site registrations so if you intend to join us in Brussels, please register before Friday.  If you need to talk to us about your registration feel free to contact me or send an inquiry to info@icphso.org.   Information on registering can be found here.   I hope to see you in Brussels.  The program Rod Freeman and his team from Cooley have put together will be packed with useful information that every health and safety professional can use.



2018 ICPHSO International Symposium Call For Presentations Now Open


The 2018 ICPHSO International Symposium is scheduled for November 12 – 13, 2018, in Brussels, where we will again participate in the European Commission’s International Product Safety Week.  Our Call for Presentations has been announced and we look forward to hearing from you with your ideas and recommendations for panel and breakout sessions during the two days of our Symposium.  The theme of the International Symposium is “Alignment and Inclusion in a Divergent World,”  and with our Symposium taking place during the EC’s International Product Safety Week, it provides an opportunity for global health and safety professionals to participate in discussions around the theme.  We want to hear from you and look forward to receiving your proposal for our conference.


Deadline:  June 29, 2018


Thanks for your continued support and I look forward to hearing from you.



ICPHSO International Symposium Day 1 Plenary Session Summaries

I previously summarized the International Symposium day one key note speakers in Tokyo, Japan and below I am including a link for the summaries of the two plenary sessions held on day one of the Symposium.  Thanks again to Rod Freeman and his team from Cooley for providing summary notes for the Symposium.

Click here for the day one summary presentation.

Just a reminder about our upcoming 2018 Annual Meeting and Training Symposium in Orlando, Florida, February 20-23, 2018.  Summary information for the various sessions are now beginning to be posted on the ICPHSO website highlighting the sessions.  Don’t delay in registering and securing your hotel room for our 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee year celebration.  Sponsorships and Exhibit Tables are still available but going fast.  Many of these opportunities are limited so you don’t want to miss out on being one of our Silver Jubilee Sponsors.  Thanks to those sponsors who have already signed up and committed to participate in our Symposium. There continued commitment to ICPHSO is much appreciated.

Click here for more information on the 2018 Annual Symposium.



Marc Schoem

Hello From Tokyo…

Day 2 of the ICPHSO International Symposium in Tokyo, Japan is underway.  With over 175 registered attendees and 40 speakers talking about all things product safety, this Symposium has been focused on safety in the product lifecycle.  We have heard or will be hearing from regulators within Japan, the United States, Canada, and the European Union.  The Internet of Things has been a prominent discussion point as well as the collaboration among safety and health professionals that is critical to reduce injuries and assure product safety.  I will provide a summary after the conclusion of the Symposium but wanted you to know that if you aren’t here in person, as a member of ICPHSO you will get access to the numerous presentations made during the Symposium.  Non-member attendees will have access for a limited time.  ICPHSO continues to be the global leader in bringing the product safety community together and we hope you all will take advantage of the platform we provide and join us in Orlando, Florida for our 2018 Annual Meeting and Training Symposium.   We will kick off the celebration of our 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee and want you to be a part of the conversation.